Iain has a huge track-record of speaking around the world. So far he has spoken in over 25 countries (he is well known by certain airlines!) with many repeat trips. Check out some of the feedback received.

Iain offers the following speaking services:

  • Keynote presentation – large and small gatherings around the world have enjoyed Iain’s pragmatic conversations on topical aspects of doing business in todays world.
  • Master of Ceremony/Host service to gatherings of all sizes. He has facilitated large and small conferences and other events.
  • Panel chair – engaging panelists in discussing/debating current affairs associated with the P3M profession.
  • Panelist where he has joined other leaders in discussing hot current and futuristic topics on strategy and its implementation.

Coming soon is the Jacobite Channel in You-Tube where you can view a selection of short videos of Iain in action.

Speaking Feedback

"Just wanted to congratulate you for delivering such an excellent online seminar this evening. The seminar was very informative, well structured and presented, and definitely engaging. It is an art to pull that off virtually and you have done a fantastic job! Well done!"

"Amazing session! Demonstarted what 'value adding' really is. Such a meaty session for a short time! Thank-you!"

"Excellent keynote presentation!"

"Great insights! Love the 'Age of Simplification!"

"Good speaker and topic presented is very interesting."

"Iain was a great speaker. Motivating."

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