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The Business of People - Leadership for the Changing World is purposefully focused on people. The book will assist you develop and support yourself with your people leadership, knowledge, and skills. It is an opportunity to better manage yourself and lead others, inlcuding your organisation, into the modern volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world. The book cuts through the nonsense and presents real-world solutions for situations facing todays leaders.

Where to Buy:  Amazon, Book Depository, CRCPress (publisher), Fishpond, MightyApeGoogle Play, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones et al. In New Zealand you can get it from Ubiq Books in Auckland and from Vic Books in Wellington.

The Business of Portfolio Management - Boosting Organizational Value this top-selling publication fofers keys to adopting a new approach to the creation and capture of business value through a value management framework and linking that to a smarter approach to portfolio management and other implementation mechanisms. At last this is real business orientated guidance on aligning strategy and its implementation. 

Where to Buy:  Amazon, Book Depository, Fishpond, PMI (publisher), i-Books, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, et al.

Media Mentions: PM World Today Journal published 5# book reviews in issues 2, 6, 7, 9 of its volume VII series. Furthermore, over 15 business magazines/publications have featured the book.

What People are Saying: 

  • "To challenge your thinking and gain new insights on business value, read this stimulating book”. M Sanborn, USA.
  • "Great book and good tips for managing portfolios of programs". K Myers, USA.
  • "I think portfolio management is important for prioritizing (any) investment from the perspective of the organization as a whole". T Sekiguchi, Japan.
  • "Thanks Iain Fraser, great work". M Rivas, Nicaragua.

  • “Never before has value creation mattered so much and been so achievable – in its time, of its time for our time for all time”. S Ross, New Zealand.
  • "This book stands out by its brilliant and intelligent simplicity to bring the right message to high level leadership. It should be on top of the reading list of C-level executives and Senior Managers". L Mercken, Belgium.

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Iain has also written a booklet on Earned Value Management as well as over 20 whitepapers on various business related topics such as business agility, global gypsies, change.

Executive Guides

Here is a selection of executive whitepapers that have been published in different forums across the world. These are typically 8-10 pages long and explore the title in detail.

Current titles include:

  • Balanced Scorecard Performance Reporting 
  • Benefits Realisation – Balancing Outputs with Outcomes.
  • Creating and Capturing Value – More than Cost Reduction.
  • Portfolio Management – A Way of Doing Business.
  • Seeking Greatness – Organizational Change in the VUCA World.

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Podcasts are short audio recordings/blogs. They are on-demand, audio programs selected to what you want to learn about. You can set up your smartphone or tablet to automatically subscribe to them.

They are a perfect way to use your daily commute, exercise or down-time to learn, think and also get credit for professional development certification needs. Best of all, they do not cost you anything!

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Join me and let's explore aspects of doing business in the VUCA world using the visual and auditory features of webinars.  The following are currently available (free of charge) :

Thank-you to the over 58,000 people worldwide that have already listened to my webinars and podcasts, and/or attended my live in-person events. I really appreciate this involvement, your engagement, and ongoing support.

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